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SnailAway is the most exciting slug and snail prevention invention in recent history!

SnailAway provides reliable protection from slugs and snails without any of the usual drawbacks… it works in all weathers, requires very little maintenance and looks good.

Consisting of an adhesive tape, that can stick to nearly anything, and a battery box SnailAway gives any slug and snail trying to crawl over it an electric shock which makes it recoil and prevents it from crossing.


Electric Netting, is the ideal option for those keeping a small amount of animals in or out, perferring a solution which can be moved and stored easily and has a low visual impact.

How does it work?
The net is manufactured from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizonatl strands (apart from the bottom line). This is mounted on PVC posts. To 'charge' the net an energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When an animal comes into contact with the net and the ground it completes the loop and gets a shock. This is why the net itself does not have to be erected in a loop and can be erected in a straight line if required.

Considerations for using netting effectively.
As the live lines of the net are very close to the ground they are susceptible to 'leakage'. This is where undergrowth cpmpletes the loop and draws power from the fence to the ground. We recommend a minimum of 3500v on your fence to provide an effective deterrent. The highr the joule rating on your energiser the greater the level of 'leakage' your system will cope with. The bottom line is not live but all the horizontal lines are, the key is to try and keep the live ones clear. If you cannot acheive this becase your ground is undulating try adding extra posts - if this still doesn't work then it may be necessary to isolate the second kline from the bottom by cutting it at the first and last post.


Things to remember when buying you energiser:

Ensure that you have the correct energiser for the TOTAL amount of fencing or netting you intend to have - it may be better to spend a little extra now rather than having to waste money buying another larger one later if you want to extend.
The higher the joule rating on your energiser the more able it will be to cope with 'leakage' caused by vegetation touching the live lines (it is always better to try and prevent this as much as possible).
Use at least one independent earth stake at least 1m in length - more if your ground is dry or stoney.
If using a mains energiser always use the correct HT electric fencing lead.

If you are unsure about anything please do call or e-mail us - we are here to help!


When buying your battery please remember to check that you have the correct charger and bare in mind that the 12v leisure batteries take 24hrs to charge so you may need to purchase another battery or have a car battery on standby for the short chaneover period.

Car batteries are not recommend for use on energisers long term (unless using a solar charger) as they do not like being fully discharged and generally speaking to not last as long.


Plastic and metal posts are easy to install and move around which gives you great flexibility - if you are making a permanent fence with wooden posts please see our full range of insulators.


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