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Welcome to the Great Little Electric Fencing Company, home of SnailAway

SnailAway is the most exciting slug and snail prevention invention in recent history!

SnailAway provides reliable protection from slugs and snails without any of the usual drawbacks… it works in all weathers, requires very little maintenance and looks good.

No poisons, no constant re-application and no ‘old wives’ tales just straight forward applied science.

Snailaway - slug and snail prevention

Consisting of an adhesive tape, that can stick to nearly anything, and a battery box SnailAway gives any slug and snail trying to crawl over it an electric shock which makes it recoil and prevents it from crossing.

Electric – Is it safe?

SnailAway is completely safe for animals and children, the voltage needed to deter a mollusc is so small that a dog could lick the tape and still not feel anything. RSPB ApprovedWhat’s more SnailAway is an organic solution to your pest problem so is completely safe for all wildlife and as the slugs and snails are not rendered poisonous or gooey (yuk!) they are there for the birds and hedgehogs to eat.

SnailAway has been approved for sale in RSPB shops.

How do I know it’s any good?

We don’t expect you to take our word for it – after all we’re biased! Here’s what some other well respected organisations thought about it;

RSPB ApprovedIn the November 2005 edition of Gardeners World;

“Stop slugs and snails in their tracks with this mini electric fence. Powered by a nine volt battery, the thin metal strips shock the little blighters into submission.”

RSPB ApprovedThe May 2005 edition of Gardening Which reported that SnailAway was a “more sophisticated barrier” that “works” and “gave excellent protection”. SnailAway also performed excellently in comparative tests and scored a maximum rating for both protection form slugs and snails.

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Who invented such a great idea?

Ron and Beryl Turvey.

The Eureka moment hit them one evening, whilst walking in their garden, they noticed that a snail was having trouble crossing the lines of the model railway that ran around the garden – thus an idea was born! Using his experience as an engineer Ron made a prototype fence which they trialled in their garden with great success (the only escapee parachuting out on a leaf!).

All this would still have remained in their back garden if it hadn’t been for the TV programme ‘What’s the Big Idea’ and a very enthusiastic audience. Ron and Beryl decided that it should be made available to other desperate would-be Hosta growers and refined the product so that it could be manufactured and sold.

Ron and Beryl we salute you!

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Where can I use SnailAway?

SnailAway works best on a vertical surface this is because when the slug or snail recoils it is best if it falls off and away from your plant.

It can be used on pots, raised beds, greenhouse staging, tree trunks and patio slabs in fact it sticks to almost anything!

Ok it’s organic – but is it green?

Yes it is - the PP3 battery used to run the current through the tape can be a battery that does not run your smoke alarm or kitchen scales any more, the power left in it will run a SnailAway tape for a year!

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SnailAway and Heliciculture

Heliculture is the science of growing snails for food.

Snails have been eaten as food since at least ancient Roman times. The oldest surviving cookbook (1st century B.C - 2 century A.D.) has a recipe for snails in it.

The French consume 40,000 metric tons of snails each year. Restaurants serve about 1 billion snails annually.

If you fancy growing your own snails or taking up snail farming then SnailAway is the perfect solution to keeping your ‘flock’ in their pens.

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