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About us

Hello and welcome to our website.

We thought that it would be good for you to know who you were talking to - so we’d like to introduce ourselves!

Our company name is SnailAway Ltd and we also trade as The Great Little Electric Fencing Co. The company, whose directors are Claire Jones and David Bullocke, was formed in 2007 and acquired SnailAway from Ron and Beryl Turvey its inventors

SnailAway is our own product, manufactured in the UK and distributed by ourselves .We are very proud and pleased to be able to bring such a fantastic product to the market.

So what do we know about electric fencing?

Claire has had over four years experience working with our main electric fencing supplier (Hotline) and, during the last two, also ran Electric Fencing Direct. As a result of the sale and relocation of EFD Claire decided that it was time to ‘go it alone’ believing that there was a place for friendly, down to earth advice for people wanting to protect their livestock, land and gardens using electric fencing.

We hope that you enjoy our new website, and that you find it easy to use and informative. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it or would like advice about electric fencing that we haven’t  covered, then please call on 08445 616027 or e-mail us.


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