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Bowling Greens

Because the well manicured greens used for bowling show the most obvious signs of damage and (arguably) have the most affect on the game it is particularly important to protect them.

We are often approached by bowling clubs wanting to keep various animals, normally foxes, off their greens where they have caused damage looking for worms or even leaving smellier offerings!

The good news is that it is nearly always possible to find a simple cost effective solution to the problem by using electric fencing and one which compares well fiscally to alternatives such as trapping.

The easiest to set up is our bowling green kit which has been especially devised for the 40m by40m green and comes with everything you require including a mains energiser.

If this is not suitable for your green then there are other solutions available depending on the type of animal you are trying to keep out and the layout of your green please call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us so we can discuss the options.

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Golf Courses

It may seem that electric fencing is not viable for golf courses due to their sheer size but, apart from the fact that some energisers we supply can power up to 60km of fencing, it is a great way of protecting individual holes especially from rabbit damage.

If you are having problems with animal damage and would like to discuss your options please give us a call on 08445 616027 or e-mail us.

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Football Pitches

It may seem unlikely but even football pitches, particularly those in urban areas, are under attack from foxes!

Our manufacturer recently installed electric netting around Crystal Palaces’ football pitch to keep foxes off the turf. This type of fencing can easily be taken down when there is a game on.

To discuss solutions for your pitch and keep foxes and other pests on the ‘away’ team please call 08445 616027 or e-mail us.

Cricket Pitches

In this country rain stops enough play without foxes, badgers and rabbits joining in too!

Whether you would like to protect the whole pitch or just the crease give us a call on 08445 616027 or e-mail us for your bespoke solution.

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If you have fishing lakes otters and mink can cost you a fortune in stock. Because they are protected the best way of deterring otters is to use electric fencing as it does not harm them but should ensure that they fish elsewhere.

The most effective otter fence consists of ordinary mesh fencing, part buried, supported on wooden posts with an electric strand along the top. But you could also use electrified rabbit netting or other individual solutions tailored to your requirements.

The other large pest is, of course, heron. The fences above should also be effective against heron, the most important aspect being their proximity to the water’s edge, as heron usually wade into water unless they are very familiar with the pond. Another very good solution is to use overhanging arms so that the edge of the pond and any shallow area is protected. Please call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us for your best solution.

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Other Sports

Please excuse me if I have not covered your sport.

If you have a problem protecting your sports ground from pests please do give us a call on 08445 616027 or e-mail us as there is almost always a way electric fencing can help solve the issue.

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