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The main reason for using electric fencing to pen sheep is its flexibility - it can easily be moved to allow pasture to be grazed in turn. There are two main options for fencing sheep the first being;

3 – line fence

For most of the year sheep are very woolly which means that the type of fencing you use must be able to get through their fleece to enable them to feel the fence. We recommend the use of poly-wire with 9 strands of conductors in three lines fixed on either multi-wire plastic posts or metal posts with adjustable insulators. To make the system ultra flexible the wires can be wound onto reels which are attached to a reel fixing post, this avoids the usual tangle of wires when moving the fence!

Please see our recommended products or call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us if you would like help planning your system.

If you are looking for something quick and temporary then have a look at

Sheep netting

Sheep netting is very quick to erect and again is easily portable, it contains 7 horizontal electrified wires and is 84cm tall and 50m long. Easy to see from a distance with its bright orange colour it is ideal for slightly older lambs and temporary pens. As always it is very important that you use a powerful enough energiser with netting as they are more prone to ‘earth’. We would not recommend netting for newborn lambs or for horned sheep.


Electric fencing is perhaps one of the more ideal fences for goats as it is one of the few things they are not going to try and eat!

Because of their ability to jump fairly high it is important to make sure they cannot clear the fence we have both 4’ and 5’ fence posts available with multiple fixings and we would recommend about four strands to ensure they don’t get your washing! Because goats don’t have the best eyesight poly-wire is often quite difficult for them to see so we would strongly recommend that you make at least one strand tape or rope.

Please see our recommended products or contact us on 08445 616027 or e-mail for help planning your system.


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