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Rabbit, Badger & Deer

Rabbits can do a large amount of damage to gardens and crops in a very short space of time.

Electric fencing can be used to great effect to prevent this from happening and has been successful in even the most tempting of situations such as lettuce farms.

Rabbit Netting

This is by far the simplest and most common type of fencing used to keep rabbits out. The nets come in two types 50cm high orange netting which is good for long distances as you can easily tell if the fencing has been damaged, or 70cm high green ‘super rabbit’ (for those that have eaten a lot of spinach!) which is good for gardens and areas where aesthetics are more important. The height of the netting isn’t tremendously important as all rabbit netting should be installed at a 30-45 degree angle facing the direction in which the rabbit approaches. The idea of this is that the rabbits’ ears, which are very sensitive, touch the netting first and also that it looks too far to bury under unlike standard fencing. Netting is very easy to use it comes with the posts, warning sign, and guys and all you do is unroll it and push the posts into the ground, you can clips as many nets as you need together but you must make sure that you have a powerful enough energiser.  Please see our kits or call us on 08445 616027 for further advice.

Permanent Rabbit Fencing

It is possible to recreate the effect of the netting with a permanent/semi-permanent fence using wooden, metal or plastic posts and wires, please call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us for help.

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Badgers can do as much if not more damage than rabbits as they can easily destroy normal fences trying to get where they want to go.

Electric fencing is recommended by DEFRA to keep badgers out and is a very effective and kind way to deal with them. Electric fencing will guide the badger away from your property as they tend to follow it to the end.

What We Recommend

The best way to erect badger fencing is to use short wooden posts with three lines of galvanised wire as this creates the strongest barrier (badgers are very heavy animals). There is also a lot less chance of this type of fence earthing and therefore more chance of it being 100% effective.  Small plastic garden posts may be substituted if required. Please call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us for more advice.

Electric Netting for Badgers

Electrified rabbit netting can be used for keeping badgers out, and would be best used in an upright position.  Please see our kits.

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Beautiful though they are it is hard to look favourably on a deer that has just finished eating your prized rose bush!

Deer are creatures of habit and are very shy and nervous so there are things that can be done in conjunction with electric fencing to make your chances of keeping them out of your garden more successful these include;

Deer will always approach from the same direction and the same path, if you place an obstacle in that path such as part of a bush they will start to become wary.

Baiting  - they are particularly partial to peanut butter which can be smeared on the fence posts at regular intervals this way they are reminded that the fence is electric.

These things are best done at the same time as the fence is erected so that the overall impact makes the deer change their path and feeding location.

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The 3D Fence

Deer can obviously jump very high so instead of building an 8’ fence the best way to stop them is by height and width. The 3D fence consists of a small nose height fence around the outer perimeter with one wire which should be baited regularly a taller fence should then be erected about one to one and a half metres inside this with at least three wires. The idea is that the deer will know that the fence is electric because they will have investigated the bait and will be reticent to try and jump it because of its width.

This by far the best kind of fence but here are some other things you could try:

Electric Netting

Our tall electrified poultry netting can keep off the smaller species of deer – again it is a good idea to bait this.

Post and Wire

You can build a fence using wooden posts with insulators and wire and we have plastic posts available up to 1.5m tall. Please call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail for further advice.

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