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Fox and Poultry

What could be nicer than watching your chickens happily scratching around outside whilst at the same time having complete peace of mind about their safety?
If this sounds too good to be true – think again, electric fencing is your answer!

There are many applications of electric fencing that can be used for poultry but by far the simplest is:

Poultry Netting

Electric netting comes in rolls with the posts already in it, together with a warning sign, ground pegs, guys and a first aid kit (for the fence!). Putting it up is really easy (really!)  Just unroll the net lay it out where you want it to go, push in the posts, attach your energiser and off you go. Your poultry are contained in a free-range setting and any predators such as fox, mink, badgers, cats and dogs are kept at bay. Electric netting is around 98% effective against foxes and if you are just starting out we would heartily recommend it as it will save you the cost of a permanent fence, looks good in a garden and can easily be moved around to give your chickens’ new pasture. Please see our kits for further information and prices for complete systems.

OUR Electric netting has been especially designed by us and is one of the tallest on the market at 1.2m, it has double prong posts enabling you to tread them in rather than pushing them in from the top, is dark green in colour so blends in well in your garden, has posts nearly a metre closer together than the other nets on the market and comes in lengths that make good square or rectangular enclosures as well as circular. Our 40m Electrified poultry nets are also the perfect size for bowling green protection.

Back to menuIf you already have an enclosure and find that foxes are still getting in then try adding some

Scare Wires

Foxes are very clever animals and are a lot more like cats than dogs in many respects, not least in their ability to climb over six, or more, feet of ordinary poultry fencing. It is possible to keep foxes out by adding several strands of electrified galvanised wire or poly-wire to the existing fence using stand-off insulators. We are very happy to devise individual solutions for you, please contact us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us with your enclosure details and we will get a quote to you post haste!

Back to menuIf you are looking at keeping poultry on a large scale or know that you will be keeping your poultry in a defined area permanently then we can help you plan a:

Permanent Predator Fence

Permanent poultry enclosures usually consist of nine or more strands of galvanised wire on wooden or metal posts and are the most time consuming to put up. They are however more cost effective long-term than netting if your enclosure is large. If you would like help and advice to plan your poultry enclosure please contact us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us.

Back to menuIf you do not keep chickens or other poultry we can help you:

Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden or Sports Facility

You are much more likely to see a fox in urban areas than you are in the country, they are attracted to your garden by the well-kept grass (plenty of worms!), bins and of course any neighbours that might be feeding them. We can help you protect your lawn, stop the nasty smells and protect your pets, just give us a call on 08445 616027 or e-mail us with a plan or photo of your garden.Back to menu

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