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What could be more distressing after all your hard work, planning and nurturing to find that your fish stocks have been plundered by a heron, otter or mink?

Whilst they might appreciate the ‘supermarket’ you have laid at their feet you will almost certainly be ready to shop for some pond protection (by which I don’t necessarily mean a bodyguard with a shotgun!).

Heron Fencing

Heron’s usual mode of operandi is to wade into the water from the edge of the pond as they are unable to judge the depth of the water from above (there are exceptions to this if they know the pond well) so a good way of keeping them out is simply to put a small unobtrusive electric fence in their way. There are two kinds of fence that are effective;

The first is an upright fence supported on small green plastic garden posts with about three strands of green polywire slotted into the ready-made attachments, this can be powered by a mains or battery powered energiser.

The second is an overhanging fence post which stops the heron walking in from the edge and landing in the shallows. This type of fence works better on a pond which has solid sides so it is important  to include both live and earth wires in the fence line.

For more information about either of these fences or if you need further advice please e-mail or telephone us on 08445 616027.

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Because they are protected the best way of deterring otters is to use electric fencing as it does not harm them but should ensure that they fish elsewhere.

The most effective otter fence consists of ordinary mesh fencing, part buried, supported on wooden posts with an electric strand along the top. But you could also use electrified rabbit netting or other individual solutions tailored to your requirements. For more information please e-mail or phone us on 08445 616027

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Because mink are very small animals the best fencing to keep them out would be the mesh otter fencing as described above or electrified rabbit or poultry netting. For more information or a quote please e-mail or telephone us on 08445 616027.

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