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Pigs are very sensitive animals so it is best to introduce then to electric fencing gently that said it is a very effective form of fencing which is comparatively inexpensive.

We recommend the use of wooden posts for pigs as they are usually quite a good size and weight and these are harder for them to push over – the clever things have been known to push plastic and metal posts over by putting their snout between the wires!

Depending on the size of the pigs you will need two or three strands of galvanized wire or poly-wire supported on screw-in insulators. You can make gates in the fence using gate handles and anchors.

Please see our recommended products or contact us on 08445 616027 or e-mail for help designing your system.

If you are looking for something quick and temporary then the super rabbit netting could be for you. This 70cm tall 50m long fence is extremely easy to erect and is great for piglets. As with all electric fencing it is important to use a powerful enough energiser as they are more prone to earthing and it is particularly important with pigs to make sure that they are not treading the net into the ground.


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