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Electric fencing is an easy, cost effective way of fencing for all your equestrian needs. It is simple to erect and is extremely flexible making it ideal for permanent fences or for strip grazing.

Permanent Fencing

Electric fencing comes in at around 25-30% below the cost of normal post and rail fencing and can be put up in a quarter of the time.

We recommend the use of 3” or 6” half round wooden posts every 5 to 8 metres with 6” taller strainer posts at the corners and ends. Rope or tape can be used with the appropriate insulators, although rope is preferable in very windy conditions.

Permanent electric fencing looks good, cannot be chewed or used as an itching post and once erected you can connect temporary electric fencing to it to create separate paddocks.

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Temporary Fencing

If you need to create strip grazing or starvation paddocks then temporary electric fencing is for you. Using tread-in plastic posts (3’-5’ available) and tape you can create a fence to enable paddocks to be rested, de-wormed and to keep horses away from specific areas (or each other!) in next to no time.

Temporary electric fencing is really easy to move around and is therefore an extremely economic fence which can normally run off the smaller less expensive energisers.

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Fence Protection

Stop your horses from rubbing and chewing your new fence using off-set insulators screwed into the top of your wooden posts. This is also an ideal way to keep horses that don’t want to be friends (or are too friendly!) away from each other without having to separate them by miles.

To save your nice new fence (or even an older one!) call us on 08445 616027 or e-mail us.

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